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Seller - Pleasant Hill

My brother and I were tasked with the difficult job of selling our family home. We hired Laura after having a realtor out of town that did not work out for us. We interviewed several realtors within Pleasant Hill and choose Laura. ( My brother and I are an hour from Pleasant Hill) Laura came to the meeting with comps, a binder with all needed information and could answer all our questions. We have been very impressed with ALL the work done. The house was staged, designers brought in to make sure that work being done at our expense would infact be a finiancial improvement to the home. Laura is a out of the box thinker and has strived the entire time to do what make the sale of the house go smoother. Unfortunatly this has not been a seamless tranaction due on the part of the buyer and their realtor. But whats impressive is that Laura has gone out of her way to make this situation be the best it can be. We have made it to the end because of her efforts, professionalism, and patients! You wont be disappointed!

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