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Wendy D - Seller

I was in the market to sell a house. This is not something I do often therefore I was looking for a professional that had market knowledge and was very experienced. I needed a real Sherpa and since thousands of dollars were at play, I also needed someone I could absolutely trust. After selling my house for 20% over asking, I can honestly say, I found that agent/ Sherpa, Laura Wucher and Team. Her knowledge of the entire process and ability work with my ideas provided the calm I needed. She made it feel like we had done this many times before from the point of selecting a listing price all the way to sitting at the table and navigating the final negotiations. As with all successful individuals, they understand the power of a great team. I can’t say enough about the support mechanism behind Laura. A few examples of where my expectations were clearly exceeded: The stagers were very skilled at their trade. They had a very keen attention to detail and this complimented the craft that went into the house renovation. When I entered the house after they were done, I was amazed at what a little furniture and color to could do to a property. It looked amazing and totally different. Laura had a list of contractors, inspectors, and just about every different individual one could need. I contacted her suggested landscaper and was a bit nervous as we had a target go live of less than 3 weeks. He and I met, agreed and he promised a start date. He held to his promise and swooped in with a team of 6 and worked for 5 days straight to get ready for the sale. He knew how important the deadline was. I was so impressed with his team; I gave them all personally a very nice financial reward. There were so many touch points with Laura and her assistance Nancy that I can’t begin to describe, but there is one last comment that needs to be clearly made. Communications today is a dying art but with Laura and her assistant Nancy, it is part of their core DNA. If we didn’t connect, I always got a call back or text, often within 10-20 minutes. That is what defines a true professional!! If you are in the market to sell or buy a house, I would strongly suggest contacting Laura Wucher and Team. The initial interview costs nothing and in due time, you will see for yourself, you are sitting across from a pro! Hopefully the market stays strong and you too will get 20% over asking.

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